Resilience and self-esteem workshop

delivered by a wide range of experienced and inspiring athletes

Resilience And Self-Esteem Workshop for shools

Empower your pupils with Sports For Champions, featuring a choice of world-class athletes including: Wheelchair basketball star Sophie Carrigill, Paralympian and Next Level Chef runner up Callum Deboys, and Para-rower Georgia Carmichael. Our Resilience and Self-Esteem Workshops offer Primary School pupils an unparalleled opportunity to learn from inspiring role models. Throughout the day, your students will acquire essential life skills to positively shape their future, engage in interactive Q&A sessions with your chosen athlete, capture memorable photos, and receive certification upon completion.


  • Suitability: Primary & Secondary
  • Ages: 4-16
  • Location: UK
  • Duration: Half Day/Full Day
  • Workshop type: Face to Face
  • Size: Full school, Year groups & Classes

Addressing Critical Issues

Our workshops tackle key topics in line with the national agenda for child welfare and public health. With 20% of children in the UK reporting some form of bullying in 2019, it’s more important than ever to address this critical issue. By nurturing empathy, consideration, and reflection in our young people, we can reduce bullying and improve the quality of life for all.

Your students will participate in a high-impact experience that will resonate with them for years to come. Our world-class athlete will inspire and motivate students to embrace resilience, self-esteem, and positive values. The workshop will take place in a positive environment, allowing students to be comfortable with themselves and their peers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your students’ wellbeing and development. Contact us today to learn more about how Sports For Champions UK (CIC) can support you in helping your pupils in reaching their full potential.

sophie carrigil

Meet Sophie, a remarkable athlete who has overcome tremendous adversity to become a decorated wheelchair basketball player for Great Britain. Sophie’s journey began able-bodied, until a near-fatal car accident resulted in a permanent spinal cord injury.

Despite the challenges she faced during her recovery, Sophie persevered and discovered a passion for wheelchair basketball. Within her first year of playing, she medalled bronze, showcasing her natural talent and determination.

Over the past decade, Sophie has proudly represented Great Britain at some of the most prestigious international competitions. She has competed in 4 Senior European Championships, 2 Senior World Championships, and the Rio Paralympics.

Sophie’s inspiring story serves as a reminder that with hard work and a positive attitude, anything is possible. Sophie is a Sports for Champion veteran, visiting hundreds of schools each year! we chose her to deliver our resilience and self esteem workshop based on her personality and story. We feel she connects and leaves an impact on young people nation wide.

Georgia Carmichael

Georgia Carmichael is a remarkable young athlete who has overcome adversity and found success in rowing. At just 13 years old, Georgia became the youngest person to compete for the GB rowing team, demonstrating natural talent and dedication to the sport. Her accomplishments include numerous titles and world records.

In December 2018, Georgia suffered a life-threatening brain injury that left her hospitalized for ten months. However, her perseverance and determination paid off when she won two silver medals at the World Championships after recovering. Despite facing further obstacles from another accident in November 2021, Georgia refused to give up on her dreams of competing again. She underwent extensive physiotherapy to improve the left side of her body and has recently started training with the para-rowing team. Now selected to compete for GB para, Georgia is pursuing her dreams once again, inspiring others with her resilience and determination.

Georgia’s inspiring story serves as a reminder that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. As a leading voice in the world of rowing and a Sports for Champions veteran, she visits schools and organizations each year to share her story and inspire others to overcome their own challenges. Georgia’s infectious personality and determination make her the perfect fit to deliver our resilience and self-esteem workshop, leaving a positive impact on a national and international level.

Callum Deboys

Meet Callum Deboys, a remarkable athlete who has overcome adversity to become a Paralympic athlete in Para-Nordic skiing. Callum’s journey began after a motorcycle accident left him with life-changing injuries, including the amputation of one leg and a broken femur, the largest bone in the body. However, instead of giving up, Callum began to dream about turning his situation into something incredible.

After recovering in the hospital, Callum began training in sports and started rowing, where he was introduced to Scott Meenagh, who introduced him to Para-Nordic Skiing. Callum immediately fell in love with the sport and pursued it relentlessly, culminating in his greatest achievement – reaching the Paralympics.

However, just four months before the Paralympics, Callum faced another setback when he was involved in a bike accident while training. He broke his nose and tore his tricep tendon off the bone, which was devastating so close to the Paralympics. To recover, Callum underwent three months of excruciatingly painful physio to restore strength in his tendon and prepare for the Paralympics.

Callum’s inspiring story serves as a reminder that with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude, anything is possible. He is a leading voice in Para-Nordic skiing and a Sports for Champions veteran, visiting schools and organizations each year to share his story and inspire others to overcome their own challenges. Callum’s infectious personality and determination to succeed make him the perfect fit to deliver our resilience and self-esteem workshop. He connects with young people and leaves a positive impact on a national and international level.

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